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Mission Statement

Hi! Welcome to Amethyst Imagery.


My name is Brandie, the woman behind the lens and visionary of this empowerment photography business. When I created my business I chose the  amethyst crystal because it represents empowerment, intuition, creativity, clarity, passion, confidence, and many more.  When I think about what my photography business represents, those are the words that come to mind. 


When I started Amethyst Imagery in 2020, my goal was to help people see the true beauty of themselves- regardless of size, shape, race, or sex. Every body is beautiful and the world deserves to see that. My clients also need to see the beauty in themselves that others around them see. In today’s world it’s so easy to get caught up in what society considers beautiful or pretty that many often don’t see the true beauty of things/people. So I’m here to help you see what I and others see, through my imagery. I want to capture the true essence of things and people with detailed and intimate images. And I’m here to share them with the world. 


I look forward to creating with you and showing the world just how truly beautiful it can be!



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